Overuse Injuries
There have been many articles written about "overuse injuries" in young athletes.  One of the most common injuries is labeled "Little Leaguer's elbow" even though it is not limited only to players in Little League programs.

Due to the increased number of injuries in young athletes and the rise in corrective surgeries in young athletes, Little League Baseball conducted a pilot program in 2005 and 2006 using "pitch count" rather than number of innings pitched for their pitchers.   From a medical standpoint, pitch count was found to be a much more effective means of protecting pitchers' arms.  Mandatory "pitch count" in all Little League programs - including the Big League Division - began in 2007.

Parents need to become aware of the signs of overuse injuries.  Many medical specialists agree that participation by a child in multiple baseball programs and year-round participation in a single sport often lead to overuse injuries. 

We have provided links to various articles in this space so that parents may educate themselves and protect their children.  It is up to the parents to draw their own conclusions from the articles and to do what is right for their children.


















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