Filling Emotional Tanks

We all experience "bad" days - days when nothing seems to go right.  How does that affect an athlete's ability to perform?   What would happen to that athlete if his coach and teammates were to "fill his emotional tank" with a little extra attention and kind words?  

Did you know that in college and professional sports the home team wins almost 60% of the time?  That's due in part to the "home team advantage" the athletes get when their fans are cheering for them - filling their "emotional tanks."

Kids with "Full Tanks" listen better, behave better and they perform better.   It takes practice to say the right things!  

A few "tank fillers":
Praise - Make specific and truthful comments about what the player is doing right.
Appreciation - Tell your player that you appreciate their efforts
Positive Recognition - Recognize the positive contributions a player makes
Listening - Take time to really listen to your players
Non verbal clues (body language) - Smile, nod your head - even when the game is going badly for your team  (You get better results with honey than with vinegar!)
People with full Emotional Tanks are more optimistic, better able to deal with adveristy, and more open to feedback.  

















Quote of the Week:
"If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it.  It's the hard that makes it great."
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