2011 District Champions
District 4 Big League All Stars played West Point Big League for the D4 Championship July 2.  Game 1 was a 3-1 victory for the D4 team with runs scored by Jacob Black, David Parkison and Eddie Delaney.  Jacob Bonner pitched a complete game, recording 9 strikeouts for the game.
The D4 team scored 10 runs in game 2 of the series against West Point.  Strong pitching performances by Kyle Lorow and Zach Tatham kept the West Point team to 5 runs, earning the D4 team the District Championship.
In the first game of the State Tournament, the D4 All Stars lost 5-4 to Masters City Big League from Augusta.  The team faced Walton County Big League in their second game of the State Tournament.   A 12-9 victory over Walton County put the D4 team into the Championship against Masters City.   The Masters City team kept D4 Big League to only 4 runs in the championship game, winning the State Championship 7 - 4.
Jacob Black, Jacob Bonner, Jordan Calhoun, Ben Conner, Eddie Delaney, Jason Eady, Stefan Griffith, Tanner Horner, Tyler Horner, Chandler Horton, B.J. Laposka, Kyle Lorow, David Parkison, Jessie Reyes, Kyle Roller,
Garrison Snider and Zach Tatham
Manager:  Gary Snider.   Coaches:  Tommy Thomas and Ed Delaney.   Assistants:  Rick Ferguson and Mike Reyes
2011 Big League Unsung Hero - Jesse
2011 Big League All Star Wing Party at Hooters of Newnan

















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